Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with LCD Display
21 exciting games with 65 variations
Bright lcd display, 1-8 players
Ultra-thin spider, wide catch ring
Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet
38 games and 167 scoring options; cyber play with 5 skill levels
up to 8 players
Concave segment holes and ultra thin spider help prevent bounce outs
Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard
Designed with a regulation sized 15.5" target face
Tournament quality thermal resin segments provide an exceptionally durable playing surface
Ultra-thin spider greatly reduces bounce outs

Best electronic dartboards

We can find many ways to entertain ourselves, and if you think about it, entertainment is one of the things that helps us keep our minds in the right place. Most of us live stressful lives, and we need to find ways to blow off some steam. While our choices are many, I think that shooting darts is one of them. Whether you do it in a bar or at home, the effect is pretty much the same. However, having a dartboard at home is better somehow. You can play whenever, and you do not need to stay in line. That is why my advice to you is to invest in the best electronic dartboard you can afford.

The benefits of an electronic dartboard

I have nothing against old-school dartboards. They were fun to play with, they were cheap, and you could find one in every store. However, my loyalty lies with technological advancement, and with that comes electronic dartboards. I think they are a lot better, and I am sure you will too. Take a look at the advantages, and I am sure you will be convinced.

  • They are more durable – I think that you remember the old dartboards. They were made of some kind of hard foam. The dart went in, left a hole, and in a while, the board would become shredded. Another scenario is the one in which you rip it by accident. Lucky for us, they were cheap to replace. Even so, having an electronic dartboard means that you will not replace it unless you break its electric components. That is more difficult to achieve since the board hangs on a wall at all times. The point is that the electronic dartboard has a longer lifespan.
  • Electronic scoring – maybe you remember, but when we were kids, there was always some arguing about the score. As adults, we used pen and paper to keep the score. With an electronic dartboard, on the other hand, the score is not an issue anymore. The board holds its own score, so you do not need to write it down any longer. It may not be much, but you would be surprised how many people buy an electronic dartboard just for that reason. It is convenient, you have to admit.
  • Safe for kids – one of the best advantages of having an electronic dartboard is the soft-tipped darts. To play darts, children were supposed to be supervised. After all, the sharp metal point of a dart is dangerous for children, especially since their attention is limited. There was always the danger of hurting themselves. The metal-pointed darts could penetrate the skin and could cause some severe With that in mind, an electronic dartboard is safer for children. Why shouldn’t they be able to play, after all? It can help develop motor performance in both kids and adults so it can be educative as well. The soft-tipped darts could not hurt anybody. Parents can rest assured that their kids are safe while playing.
  • Safer for your walls – I do not know about you, but the dartboards I used to have when I was a kid needed to be placed on the wall, but over a wooden board. As you may remember, if you threw hard enough, the dart would penetrate the board and reach the wall. That means there were a lot of holes in the wall as well. I remember my mom yelling about it all the time before putting up the wooden board. With an electronic dartboard, that is no longer necessary. There is no metal tip that could penetrate the board to reach the wall in the first place, so the problem is solved, and your walls will remain intact.

How to choose the best electronic board?

There are multiple choices on the market, and you can go for the one that you like the most. But they are not all the same. They come with several differences, which is why you need to know what to consider before making a purchase. That is if you want to make the best possible choice. Here is what you need to look at:

  • The number of games – playing darts is no longer the same game, and it implies more than throwing darts. As it seems, manufacturers created several games with multiple variations so that you do not get bored playing the same game over and over again. If that is something you are interested in, choose an electric dartboard with as many games as possible. That way, you will never get bored.
  • The number of possible players – not all electronic dartboards can accommodate the same amount of players. Some can be used by 4 or 6, but since darts is a game best enjoyed with friends, I think you should go for the electronic board that can be played by 8 players. After all, you can use an 8-people dartboard with just 4 players, but the other way around is not possible.
  • Cabinet or no cabinet – some people prefer the old design, but my opinion is that an electronic dartboard with cabinet is so much better. First of all, that makes it easy to maintain. You can protect the board against dust or whatever else you can think of. Secondly, the doors of the cabinet can work as a catch ring. You probably know that beginners will not always hit the target, and the darts will go against the wall. While there is no tip to penetrate the wall, if you throw hard enough, there could be dents and whatnot. It is best to avoid that. Also, let’s not forget that a cabinet can store the darts when you are playing, which means that you do not have to leave them on the board or in some drawer.
  • Look for ultra-thin spiders – there are a lot of things that can ruin your game, and a thick spider is one of them. To avoid bounce outs, you should look for an electronic dartboard with a super thin spider. That can improve your game.
  • Display quality – since not all electronic dartboards are created equal, you can expect to find multiple models with different screens. I think that backlit screens are the best because you do not have to go close to the board to check the score. Also, the size of the screen should be large enough to see from a distance. Other than that, you can choose whatever you like the most.

What are the best electronic dartboards?

Browsing through all the models online can be tricky, mostly because there are so many of them and you do not know which one to choose. Reading some electronic dartboards reviews online may help because you can get a clearer picture of a particular model. If you do not want to do that, you can just choose one of the models below. All three of them are worth their price, and you will enjoy whichever model you select.

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with LCD Display

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The dartboard from WIN.MAX is one of the most popular choices online. It is a high-quality electronic dartboard, but it is not very expensive. I see why people go for it so often. It is programmed so that you can play 21 games with 65 variations. Not everyone plays them all, but it is a good thing you have where to choose from. I am sure you will have a lot of fun using it.

The WIN.MAX electronic dartboard can accommodate up to 8 players. Of course, you can play one on one if you want, but when your friends come over, you can all play together. The LCD display provides fair scoring, but the best thing about the scoring aspect is the automatic score announcer. Whether you play alone or with your friends, this feature will turn your game into a lively competition. I think it is fantastic that the board says the score out loud. It saves you a trip, at least.

As for anything else, the spider of the dartboard from WIN.MAX is ultra-thin, which reduces bounce outs, that way your score will be higher. Also, the wide catch ring will protect your wall from wandering darts. The darts are soft-tipped anyways, but the catch ring will protect your wall anyway. I suppose you do not need any dents or marks on your walls, do you? The package you receive contains 6 darts, but you get 40 free soft tips.

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet

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Now, this is one of the electronic dartboards I was talking about when I mentioned cabinets. Personally, I love these models because you can easily hide them when not in use, and you do not have to spend too much time dusting them. Once the game is over, just close the cabinet, and there will be no dust inside. Some people may like it for the design, but I am more of a practical kind of person.

The Fat Cat electronic dartboard has 38 games, which is quite a lot. Chances of you getting bored are slim to none. At the same time, there are 167 scoring options, so I guess you and your friends will have a lot of fun playing. Let’s not forget that there are 5 skill levels as well, which can help you improve your game in time. The board can keep score for up to 8 players, but you can play alone as well.

As for the construction of the board, the manufacturer used sturdy ABS plastic for the cabinet. You can store 4 sets of darts in there. The concave segment holes and the ultra-thin spider reduces bounce outs and help you improve your performance. The LCD display is easy to read. When you order this product, you will receive 6 darts and 6 spare tips, but nothing stops you from acquiring more. You will also get the mounting hardware, and the installation is easy to accomplish.

Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

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The Viper electronic dartboard is yet another product that I am sure you will enjoy quite a lot. It is designed with a regulation sized 15.5 inches target face, and the thermal resin segments provide an excellent and durable playing surface. That ensures durability, which translates into a long lifespan of the board.

With this board, you will be able to enjoy 43 games with 320 scoring options. I am confident that you can never get bored playing. As for the number of participants, the board can keep score for up to 8 players. The ultra-thin spider reduces bounce-outs, which is good for your gameplay. One feature that I think is great is the voice option. The score will be announced out loud, and it can be done both in English and in Spanish.

The Viper dartboard is designed with a large catch ring for the protection of the surrounding wall. The darts are soft-tipped, but extra protection never hurt anyone. The LCD display is large and bright for a clear view of the score and statistics. The package includes 6 soft tip darts, but you can buy more. Lastly, one of the best things about this electronic dartboard is that it runs on both AC and batteries. The mounting hardware is included.

My recommendation

It is difficult to choose between three excellent products, but only one can be the best. Considering all the mentioned factors, I think that the Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet is one of the best electronic dartboards in this price range. It has sufficient games, it is durable, and it comes with a cabinet. I strongly recommend it.


There are a lot of ways to entertain yourself, and playing darts is as good as any. A good game starts with a high-quality electronic dartboard, and I am sure one of the products above will help you achieve that. All you need to do now is make a choice. Click here to buy on Amazon

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